Licensing in RMS 5.x has changed considerably. Most significant is the requirement to maintain a subscription to before building any app. While you can still build an unlimited number of local apps for free, pricing models apply for cloud-based builds and for most apps that will use RhoConnect or RhoElements.


Zebra’s new subscription licensing model offers three levels: Free, Silver and Gold. The the plans are detailed below.

The free subscription is limited to local builds using Rhodes and RhoStudio only.

Applying Your Subscription Plan

Once you have signed up for a subscription on, you’ll need to apply your new plan to your copy of RhoStudio. This can be done through the IDE or the command line. Either method allows the registered user to sign into their account in advance or at build time. Both methods are detailed below.

Signing In With the Command Line

To apply your subscription plan using the command line run the command:

$ rake cloud:login

This will prompt for a username and password, log into the account and download the API token to the local machine.

Token storage:

On Mac OS X- ~/.rhomobile/token

On Windows- /Users/<username>/.rhomobile/token

Signing In Through RhoStudio

To apply your subscription plan using the RhoStudio IDE:

  1. Open the preferences pane (⌘, on Mac OS, Ctrl+P on Windows)
  2. Select RhoMobile -> and click the "login to" button
  3. Enter username and password when prompted

Once valid credentials are entered, an API token will be downloaded and stored on the local machine.

Token storage:

On Mac OS X- ~/.rhomobile/token

On Windows- /Users/<username>/.rhomobile/token

If you don't have an account while going through these steps, you'll be prompted to sign up on the fly. Just click the "Signup" link in the login prompt and your browser should open and point to


Once you’ve applied your license you shouldn’t be prompted to log in again. You’re now free to use the tools as often as you like. So let’s start building!

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