Welcome to RhoMobile Hosted Services

The RhoMobile.com product suite provides access to two main hosted services: remote build and app management (RhoGallery). To use these features, you must have a paid subscription through Rhomobile.com (either silver or gold).

RhoMobile Account

Before using any RhoMobile product, you must sign up for a RhoMobile account on rhomobile.com. Refer to our RhoMobile Account guide for steps on creating your account and applying the account credentials to your RhoMobile product.

RhoMobile Suite

The following pages will assume that you have already downloaded and installed the RhoMobile suite, which includes the RhoStudio IDE and the libraries necessary to build apps using the RhoMobile framework. If you have not done this, Download them here:

Mac OS X .dmg

Windows 7+ .exe

Remote Build (RhoHub)

The RhoMobile framework allows you to quickly create and build applications for multiple smart-phone operating systems. Remote build makes building RhoMobile applications even easier, reducing the overhead of getting started and as well as streamlining ongoing development efforts.

For more information on remote build, head over to our remote build guide.


RhoMobile offers a method of app distribution through it’s app management, formerly known as RhoGallery. Using RhoGallery, you can custom tailor an app distribution system akin to the app store or Google’s Play store, which will only contain apps that you determine should be distributed to your users.

For more information on RhoGallery head over to our RhoGallery Tutorial.

Synchronization (RhoConnect)

In addition to the services listed above, RhoMobile also offers a synchronization tool to add sync to your client app. Using this software requires writing a separate app that defines the CRUD (Create, Read, Update, and Delete) operations that will be used to interact with your back-end database.

For more information on RhoMobile’s sync service using RhoConnect, head over to our RhoConnect Tutorial.

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