RhoGallery Tutorial

This tutorial will guide you through setting up a gallery on RhoMobile’s RhoGallery service and adding consumers, groups, and applications to it.

It also shows how to install RhoGallery, which is the mobile app that consumers use to connect to a RhoMobile gallery. It shows how to connect to a RhoMobile gallery with the RhoGallery app, and how to install, run, and uninstall apps from a gallery.

Understanding RhoMobile Galleries and RhoGallery

Frameworks such as Rhodes make it easy for developers to build native apps for all smartphones however, developers need to get those apps to user’s devices so users can test them. Enterprises with many mobile apps need to get the native apps out to all the enterprise users regardless of what kind of device the users have, need to manage who gets what apps, and need to update the apps for those users.

RhoGallery is a hosted app management solution with which administrators can create galleries of apps, and invite consumers and groups of consumers to partake of those apps. Administrators of app galleries can also delete apps remotely if necessary. These apps can be Rhodes apps or third party apps.

Note that the users of RhoGallery — who install the gallery apps onto their mobile device using the RhoGallery mobile app — are called consumers. This term of “consumers” is targeted at enterprise workers, to distinguish them from the RhoGallery administrators.

The consumers receive an invite to a gallery via SMS or email. The consumers then launch the RhoGallery app on their mobile device, and it will contain all the apps on RhoGallery for their company and job. And they will be able to organize and launch their enterprise apps from RhoGallery.


This tutorial assumes that you have an account on rhomobile.com, and that you have at least one application in it. If you have not set up a rhomobile.com account, see the rhomobile.com account guide.

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